Player information: Dimitar Georgiev (2017 - 2018 season)

Listed below are details for Dimitar Georgiev who has yet to play in a match during the 2020 - 21 season:

Personal information
Club Greater London
ECF grading code 313162C
ECF membership code
Estimated Standard-play grading es90
Rapid-play grading Not yet available
Status Adult
National Federation en.png
LCL first registered 20-10-2017
LCL registration status Yes
2017 - 18 season 12 matches
2017 - 2018 season performance statistics
Date Match Division Type SP/RP Opponent Board Result
17-10-2017 Greater London 2 vs Kings Head 3 Division Four Online SP Alistair T Morton s118A three loss
14-11-2017 Greater London MA vs Hackney MA Division Major Online SP Marc Morgan s110C three loss
28-11-2017 Greater London 2 vs Morley College 1 Division Four Online SP Alan W Watts s102B four draw
23-01-2018 Greater London 2 vs Metropolitan 4 Division Four Online SP Tom Mcmahon es80? six win
06-02-2018 Greater London 2 vs British Bangla Chess Association 1 Division Four Online SP Mostaque Choudhury es120? seven loss
20-02-2018 Greater London 2 vs Alfil 1 Division Four Online SP Stefania Iosub s81D six win
13-03-2018 Greater London 2 vs Hammersmith 2 Division Four Online SP John Ryan s113A six win
22-03-2018 Metropolitan 3 vs Greater London 2 Division Four Online SP Giovanni Vasco s114B six win
03-04-2018 Greater London 2 vs Streatham & Brixton 3 Division Four Online SP James Fox es125? five win
10-04-2018 Greater London 2 vs Wanstead & Woodford 3 Division Four Online SP Jay Sharman s121D five loss
24-04-2018 Greater London 2 vs Lewisham 2 Division Four Online SP Andrew D Craig s141C four loss
16-05-2018 Newham 1 vs Greater London 2 Division Four Online SP Hassan Mugalu s151A four loss
Performance summary for 2017 - 2018 season
Number of standard-play games: 12
Standard-play performance:  +5  =1  -6  = 45.8%  (with all games completed)
LCL Standard-play grading performance:  = 107.8