Player information: Peter McDonald (2012 - 2013 season)

Listed below are details for Peter McDonald who has yet to play in a match during the 2021 - 22 season:

Personal information
ECF rating code 138277K
ECF membership code
Standard-play rating Not yet available
Rapid-play rating Not yet available
National Federation en.png
LCL first registered 08-10-2011
LCL registration status Yes
2013 - 14 season 1 match
2012 - 13 season 7 matches
2011 - 12 season 8 matches
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2012 - 2013 season performance statistics
Date Match Division Type SP/RP Opponent Board Result
29-11-2012 DHSS 1 vs Metropolitan 4 Division Four Online SP Jeremy Law es1968C six loss
07-02-2013 DHSS 1 vs Willesden & Brent 1 Division Four Online SP Cliff S Silverman s1480D seven draw
11-04-2013 DHSS MA vs Wanstead & Woodford MA Division Minor Online SP Mark Le Gassicke s1358C three draw
02-05-2013 DHSS MA vs Hammersmith MB Division Minor Online SP Robin Lee s1495C three loss
14-05-2013 Greater London MB vs DHSS MA Division Minor Online SP Daniel Martin Bautista es90? three win
30-05-2013 DHSS MA vs Hackney MB Division Minor Online SP Jo Neame s?? two draw
Performance summary for 2012 - 2013 season
Number of standard-play games: 6
Standard-play performance:  +1  =3  -2  = 41.7%  (with all games completed)