Click here to visit the London Chess League Hamilton Russell Challenge Cup: Streatham & Brixton 2 vs Lewisham 1

Date: 08-05-2019, Division: Two, Trophy: Hamilton Russell Challenge Cup
Rating limit: <301, (standardplay), Colours: determined by toss
Match type : Online,

Rounds: 1
, Handicap: No
Adjournment possible: Yes
, Adjudication possible: No
Board Home player Result Away player Rating
difference (Δ)
one Liam M Hylands s1968C  Liam M Hylands had the black pieces1-0 Mark M Robertson s2088D Mark M Robertson had the white pieces-120
two Geoffrey Marchant s1953D  Geoffrey Marchant had the white pieces1-0 Dimitrios Kolomvas s2058C Dimitrios Kolomvas had the black pieces-105
three Kostyantyn Titorenko s1923D Kostyantyn Titorenko had the black pieces0-1 Mike Roberts s2043C Mike Roberts had the white pieces-120
four Martin G Smith s1960C  Martin G Smith had the white pieces1/2-1/2 Tim Gluckman s1882B  Tim Gluckman had the black pieces+78
five Aniello Attianese s1960E Aniello Attianese had the black pieces1/2-1/2 Sydney J Jacob s1936A Sydney J Jacob had the white pieces+24
six Antony C Hall s1849B  Antony C Hall had the white pieces1/2-1/2 Colin Gentile s1795E Colin Gentile had the black pieces+54
seven David A Varley s1803C  David A Varley had the black pieces1/2-1/2 Andrew D Craig s1779C Andrew D Craig had the white pieces+24
eight Mohammad Sameer-Had s1893C Mohammad Sameer-Had had the white pieces1-0 Martin Stewart s1840C Martin Stewart had the black pieces+53
nine Tom Griffiths s1420* Tom Griffiths had the black pieces0-1 Maxamillian John s1617A Maxamillian John had the white pieces-197
ten Stuart McCormack s1413D Stuart McCormack had the white pieces1-0 James R Barber s1287D James R Barber had the black pieces+126
Mean rating Home team: 1814.2   Away team: 1832.5 Δ = -18.3
Notes Good match to end the season thx Seconded - thank you, Andrew & Lewisham CC. Game type stats (QP finishes agreed on all SP boards except Bd4 as it was the final match of the season) # of QP games agreed on SP boards - 4; # of QP games offered but declined on SP boards - 0; # of SP games agreed on QP boards - 0; # of SP games offered but declined on QP boards - 0; # of SP games unfinished at the end of the first playing session - 0;
match result: 6 — 4
with no games adjourned
Submitted by: Andrew Craig at: 10:48:46 on: 09-05-2019
Confirmed by: Antony Hall at: 20:51:18 on: 09-05-2019
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