Past Charlton Chess Nuts team League players

The following 69 LCL players for Charlton have played in the current or past seasons and are eligible for selection for the Charlton Chess Nuts team in the :

PlayerClubRatingsGames during season
Victor BekhrCharltons?r?
Martin HurstrCharltons?r?
Parit JakhriarCharltons?r?
James KinsellarCharltons?r?
Joseph LazarisrCharltons?r?
Samuel LerCharltons?r?
Syril PathmanathanrCharltons?r?
Graeme PlatorCharltons?r?
Richard PutmanrCharltons?r?
David SandhamrCharltons?r?
Michael SmeerCharltons?r?
Stephen ThompsonrCharltons?r?
Fred WellingsrCharltons?r?