Registered Kings Head 3rd team League players

The following 92 LCL players for Kings Head are eligible for selection for the 2014 - 2015 season:

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PlayerRegisteredClub and (nominated) team (if any)Gradings
Ian Adamr01-09-2011Kings Heads85, Br103, E
Faye Ainscowr01-09-2011Kings Heads116, Ar107, X
Peter Andersonr23-10-2013Kings Heads142, Ar145, X
Richard A Balatonir01-09-2011Kings Heads128, *r138, *
Doug M Bonnr01-09-2011Kings Heads126, Cr?
Alex Bourker01-09-2011Kings Head 3s145, Cr146, D
Scott Bowerr05-10-2011Kings Heads152, Cr?
Randolf Willem Bruinr01-09-2011Kings Heads134, *r144, *
Alexander Bulochnikr04-10-2014Kings Heades120r?
Buong Chiengr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
Selena Coxr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
Ronald D Crooksr01-09-2011Kings Heads132, Dr?
Timothy J Crouchr01-09-2011Kings Heads137, Xr117, B
Simon Dandor09-12-2011Kings Heads65, *r?
Andrew Davisonr01-09-2011Kings Heads112, Cr99, *
Mark de Wild Propitiusr05-10-2011Kings Heads158, Er?
Franck Delignyr10-01-2013Kings Heads161, Br164, *
William Diffeyr01-09-2011Kings Heads147, Er?
Kayode Disur05-10-2011Kings Heads162, Xr170, *
John Duckitr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
Richard S Dunnr01-09-2011London Deafs142, Cr152, B
Alex Edmondsr05-10-2011Kings Heads96, *r?
Martijn Eeftingr12-10-2012Kings Heads148, Ar142, E
Jim Falzaranor01-09-2011Kings Head 3s179, Ar?
Chris Fewtrellr01-09-2011Kings Heads149, Br146, *
Damian Finlaysonr01-09-2011Kings Heads?r?
Tony Fisherr21-09-2012Kings Heads99, *r?
Alexander Funkr05-10-2011Kings Heads162, *r?
Yanay Germenr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
Ed Goodallr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
Peter Grant-Rossr01-09-2011Kings Heads134, Cr129, *
Daniel Hillr05-10-2011Kings Head 3s175, Dr178, *
Mark Hubar01-09-2011Kings Heads118, Ar?
Zafar Iqbalr01-10-2013Kings Head 3s162, Ar177, X
Brian R Jacksonr01-09-2011Kings Heads128, Ar125, *
Uwe Klauschr01-09-2011Kings Heads146, *r143, *
Marina Kurkinar05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
David J Lawrencer01-09-2011Kings Heads137, Ar121, D
Alex A Lewisr01-09-2011Kings Head 3s170, Dr184, *
John R Macdonaldr01-09-2011Kings Heads114, Xr145, E
Colin Mackenzier01-09-2011Kings Head 3s172, Ar180, *
Stephen Marshallr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
Tom Mccoyr03-11-2014Kings Heades125r?
John M McGannr01-09-2011Kings Heads94, Cr78, X
Nicolas Michaelr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
Jules Morrisonr01-09-2011Kings Head 3s177, Cr200, *
Alistair T Mortonr01-09-2011Kings Heads133, Ar137, *
Robert Mumfordr01-09-2011Kings Heads124, Xr116, *
John CH Nymanr01-09-2011Kings Heads153, Br?
Eamonn O'Molloyr01-09-2011Kings Heads171, *r159, *
WK (Bill) Osborner01-09-2011Kings Heads146, Br153, *
David Razzellr01-09-2011Kings Heads155, *r174, *
Colin Rigbyr01-09-2011Kings Head 3s158, Cr162, *
Derek Roebuckr22-12-2014Kings Heades100r?
Gary Romainr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
Josh Sambrook-Smithr05-10-2011Kings Heads129, Er?
Paul Sidneyr01-09-2011Kings Heads143, *r110, *
Dimitar Sinevr05-10-2011Kings Heads?r?
FM Andrew P Smithr01-09-2011Kings Heads193, Ar192, D
Jochem Snuverinkr20-09-2012Kings Heads226, Ar210, B
Scott Thomsonr23-04-2014Kings Heads136, Dr?
Neil D Tomkinr01-09-2011Kings Heads146, Cr160, *
John Torrancer01-09-2011Kings Heads141, Xr117, C
Lorenzo Torricellir01-09-2011Kings Heads109, *r126, *
M Watkinsr01-09-2011Kings Heads185, Br?
Jonathan PJ Whiter01-09-2011Kings Head 3s164, Br?
David J Whiteheadr01-09-2011Kings Head 3s175, Xr163, D
IM Andrew J Whiteleydeceasedr01-09-2011Kings Heads197, *r197, *
Ben Williamsr01-09-2011Kings Heads133, *r?