Click here to visit the London Chess League Hamilton Russell Challenge Cup: Dulwich 1 vs East Ham 1

Date: 15-05-2019, Division: Two, Trophy: Hamilton Russell Challenge Cup
Grading limit: Open, (standardplay), Colours: determined by toss
Match type : Online,

Rounds: 1
, Handicap: No
Adjournment possible: Yes
, Adjudication possible: No
Board Home player Result Away player Grading
difference (Δ)
one Ryan Randall s206C  Ryan Randall had the white pieces1/2-1/2 Nigel D Fleming s182A  Nigel D Fleming had the black pieces+24
two Andrew M Pridding s190D  Andrew M Pridding had the black pieces1-0 Peter Jaszkiwskyj s172A  Peter Jaszkiwskyj had the white pieces+18
three B Peter A Andrews s172B  B Peter A Andrews had the white pieces1-0 Colin R Ramage s172A  Colin R Ramage had the black pieces
four Haran Rasalingam s173C Haran Rasalingam had the black pieces1-0 Peter Rose s158A Peter Rose had the white pieces+15
five Gerry Peebles-Brown s154D Gerry Peebles-Brown had the white pieces0-1 Martin G Baker s153A  Martin G Baker had the black pieces+1
six Slobodan Svircevic s154E Slobodan Svircevic had the black pieces1-0 Steven G Barr s153E  Steven G Barr had the white pieces+1
seven Patrick Van Ijzendoorn s135F Patrick Van Ijzendoorn had the white pieces1-0 Roland Glotzer s150D Roland Glotzer had the black pieces-15
eight Martin Wooster s128E Martin Wooster had the black pieces1/2-1/2 Karol Polak es140 Karol Polak had the white pieces-12
nine Norman Watson s86* Norman Watson had the white pieces0-1 Gholamreza Ansari s134A Gholamreza Ansari had the black pieces-48
ten For Feit For Feit had the black pieces0-1 Walk Over Walk Over had the white pieces
Mean grading Home team: 155.3   Away team: 157.1 Δ = -1.8
Notes A close match. The result on Board 4 on which White lost on time with a K,R and P against K and R might support the case for QPFs with increments. The final position was a clear draw, so the match result was unaffected. Congratulations to Dulwich on a well-earned victory. MW
match result: 6 — 4
with no games adjourned
Submitted by: Mike Wickham at: 17:36:10 on: 19-05-2019
Confirmed by: Ryan Randall at: 21:41:38 on: 19-05-2019
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